• Opening Event: Facing Our Time

    17:00-18:00 - Ciné Lumière
    Welcome Remarks by Jean-Pierre Jouyet, French Ambassador 
    What Do We Mean by European Culture and Values? By Anthony Grayling 
    Imagining and Inhabiting the Earth by Nicolas Hulot 
    The 2019 Night of Ideas focuses on Europe and the environment, two issues central to our societies today. Launching the Night’s discussions are interviews with philosopher and public intellectual Anthony Grayling on What Do We Mean by European Culture and Values? and Former French Minister for the Environment Nicolas Hulot on Imagining and Inhabiting the Earth.

    Professor Anthony Grayling, Philosopher and Master of New College of the Humanities, interviewed by Agnès Poirier, Journalist, Writer and Broadcaster

    Nicolas Hulot, Former French Minister for the Environment; Founder and President, Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme, interviewed by Patricia Jolly, Senior reporter, Le Monde


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  • The Earth in Virtual Reality

    18:00-20:30 - La Médiathèque
    Virtual Reality
    During the night, get a chance to experiment Virtual Reality and discover how this new technology can help people to get a deeper appreciation of the environmental challenges.

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