In the run-up of the Night of Ideas and opening the Night, the Little Night offers our youngest the opportunity to develop their imagination, sharpen their creativity and express themselves through a series of interactive multimedia events.

Urban Strolls

What might an environmental citizenship mean today? French and British primary school students in London will join schools in Oslo, Brussels, The Hague, Copenhagen and Luxemburg in creating a digital map of an environmentally friendly stroll through their city. This project aims to cultivate environmental awareness among the younger generation.

Interactive Map by Primary Schools in South Kensington (London)

My City Mind Map

Led by illustrator and graphic novelist Camille Aubry in London, these creative workshops and debates will involve, via live video stream, children from London, Oslo, Brussels and other European cities.
The little ones are invited to reflect on their city and the relation between urban and natural environments and come up with their own solutions to green urbanism. Using various media (drawings, pop-up cards, 3D constructions, etc), they will create a sensory map that shows how cities are more than just roads and buildings; they are also made up of people, smells, sounds, stories and feelings.

Ages: 6-12 years – Free Booking essential

Thursday 31 January 16.00 – 17:30 – at the Institut français, Bibliothèque Quentin Blake

From Europe to the Planet Earth

Several British and French secondary schools in the UK will be inviting their pupils to examine the main topics of the Night. They will participate in the debate by working on European and environmental citizenship, sending special ambassadors to the Night’s panels, and producing videos on these themes.